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Children at Risk advocate for the forgotten children.



Prayer-the priority

Unveil-the problem

Rescue-the perishing

Supply-the people

Encourage-the personnel


What Do We Do?

  • Pray for the kids and staff
  • Presentations to churches, colleges, convention displays, television, radio, etc.  We try to tell the story and move people's hearts to help.
  • We work with those rescuing kids from street life, from abandonment, and those in danger of being caught up in prostitution, sex trade, or prison.
  • Supplies are purchased overseas and occasionally shipped.  
  • Encouraging our partners is a key imperative to those working day-in and day-out with the kids
​Supply Projects: computers, bed sheets, blankets, cameras, food, Christmas candy, bunk beds, clothes, and much more.


We see ourselves connecting hearts-with-hearts.  Teams connect with the work of partners and the kids they work with.   Supporters connect with the needs and the stories of kids at risk.   Our ministry has resulted in team members branching out to start their own ministries or to work with ministries they have connected with.  And of course those who have seen the very heart of God have connected with the heart of Shepherd's Purse.

We also see ourselves as a "gate-keeper".   Sometimes people decide to cut out the middle man and support a partner overseas on their own - directly.  The advantage of working with us is that we have relationship with our partners and on a weekly basis have gotten to know them.  There have been cases where people sent support directly to someone they met who later turned out to be running a scam ministry.  We discovered this early on but the supporter lost funds to this dishonest endeavor.  As a "gate-keeper" we connect with the heart of our partners and can vouch for their integrity.   

We are faithful to distribute funds as directed and discern the true needs of the children.

We are not simply a fundraising organization.  We are all part of a team.  Some work in country with the kids on a daily basis.  Some promote the cause by speaking and presenting to various groups.  Some pray.  Some donate.  Some serve as board members.  Some serve as volunteers or team members.  But, we all work together for those children forgotten in their own cultures.

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