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Children at Risk

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Through our donors and our Lord
we have built an orphanage in India.
 It will hold 50 boys and right now we have 24.
 As soon as we gain more sponsors,
we can rescue more boys from the streets. 

The Heart of the Father
The Heart of the Father

Our work is with "the forgotten children", those at risk of slipping through the cracks.  Most of our work is wilth orphans and social orphans (kids with one parent who cannot take care of them or have left them).   We support our partners in Ukraine, India, and other areas, with supplies, encouragement, and prayers.  Our heart is the heart of the Father and try to serve and follow His directives in this ministry.



January 2-12 - Christmas in Kherson, Ukraine team

January 21 - Great Lakes Christian Men's Fellowship, Potterville, MI

February 18 - Great Lakes Christian Men's Fellowship, South Lansing Church of Christ

February 24 - West Lansing Church of Christ 

February 10 - West Lansing Church of Christ missions committee report

March 18 - Great Lakes Christian Men's Fellowship, Charlotte Church of Christ

March 24 - Sturgis Church of Christ 

March - New Book - Plan of Salvation

April 12,13 - Michigan Christian Convention display

May 4 - Cornerstone Christian Church, Jackson, MI  100th anniversary

May 5 - Farwell Church of Christ, Farwell, MI presentation

May 21 - Wheatland Christian Church, Montgomery, IN, presentation

May 20 - Great Lakes Christian Men's Fellowship, Grand Ledge, MI

July 28 - Colon Church of Christ, Colon, MI

August 11 - House Church Vestaburg, MI 

September 15 - Duplain Church of Christ

November 18 - Central Area Men's Fellowship,West Lansing Church of Christ - Speak


January 8 - Mid-Michigan Men's Fellowship 

February 11 - West Lansing Church of Christ update & Display for Missions Month

March 1 - SP meeting Coldwater, MI 

April 2 - Men's Fellowship, Holt, MI

April 13, 14 - Michigan Christian Convention, Lansing, MI. Great Lakes Christian College - Display

April 29 - Northview Christian Church, Coldwater, MI 

May 7 - Men's Fellowship, Charlotte, MI 

May 13 - Cornerstone Christian Church, Jackson, MI 

May 20 - Lake Area Christian Church, Fremont, IN 

May 20 - Retirement party roast - Lee Bracey, Ft. Wayne, IN

June 4 - Men's Fellowship, Easton Church of Christ

June 5-14 - Pastor Yuri and wife Alyona, from Kramatorsk, Ukraine.  

June 10 - West Lansing Church of Christ - Yuri Presentation

June 10 - Charlotte Church of Christ group - Yuri Presentation

June 24 - Farwell Church of Christ, Farwell, MI  

June 26 - 28 - NACC (North American Christian Convention) Indianapolis, IN

July - Gennadiy Mohenko, "Almost Holy" Movie, bike ride with former street boys across U.S.  L.A. to Miami (Meet in Atlanta)

September 14 -25 - Trip to Ukraine

September 30 - Duplain Church of Christ

October 25 - November 7 - Shelley Gilpin to our orphanage in Indiia

November 14 - 18 - ICOM (International Conference on Missions) Cincy, Oh.  - Display

November 19 - Men's Fellowship West Lansing Church of Christ

December 3 - Men's Fellowship Coe Church of Christ, Mi

December 8 - Speaking Men's Fellowship, West Lansing Church of Christ, MI

December 16 - Easton Church of Christ, MI

January 2019 - "Christmas in Kramatorsk" Ukraine trip

What would happen if Christians opened God's Word and just studied what He says about prayer? Sure, there are the examples of the saints in the Bible, but what about now? What if somebody actually did that today? What if they did and applied it directly to a current world event? Well, read this book. That is exactly what Michael Wetzel did. Go ahead, read it but be warned: Buckle your seat belt.... It is a wild ride!  Bill Cook - Minister

You have revived my heart with this reading. I must confess that I have stopped praying, out of weariness, out of discouragement, because of distraction. I have ceased going 'face to face' with the Father concerning our beloved brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Thanks for being obedient to the Spirit calling us to 'pray big and pray bold'. I'm back on the wall.  Renee' Flory

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